About Us
Carlson Detailing Service
Specializing in Steel Bridges
About Us

Carlson Detailing Services has been in business since 1961 detailing steel bridges, buildings, and power plants with a heavy concentration on bridges.

Our bridge experience includes railroads, state and interstate highways, pedestrian bridges, and expressway bridges in 40 states. Adhering to the varying state specifications is of our utmost priority.

While Carlson Detailing Service has remained a small company, our company employs a staff of highly experienced detailers. This includes two certified by the NISD as Senior Detailers under the Bridge discipline. We also have the means and ability to develop programs to assist in calculating the complicated geometry involved in producing accurate steel bridge details.

We have consistently produced details for multiple fabricators for over 50 years. As a result, we are accustomed to adhering to the different detailing standards of all our customers. The utmost care is taken to ensure that each fabricators' unique standards are met on each and every project.

We are currently producing our structural steel details using latest version of AutoCAD. We have the capabilities to format for integration into FabTrol or similar software systems. We also have the capability to produce .DXF files for use in CNC cutting systems.

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